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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Arci Munoz Sinipa Sa Mukha Si Cristine Reyes

Probably because of the difficulty and complexity of the game mechanics, where celebrities were expected to mimic some difficult stunts and unique acts in exchange of winning a prize. Apparently, this took a toll on the celebrity beauty after seemingly failing to do one challenge together with another showbiz goddess, Arci Munoz. Reyes got her nasty-looking bruise after she got kicked by Munoz while doing a stunt that has gone wrong.

“We were doing a dance routine with Arci, and there is a position kasi where she has to kick backwards so ako ‘yung nasa back niya. I was about to go down and she’s about to kick, so it’s double impact. Iyon and nangyari,” she told Dyan Castillejo on an exclusive interview.
cristine reyes

While by the looks of it, it seems it really hurts, Reyes doesn’t seem to bear ill-will towards her co-star and knows for a fact that it was unintentional or it was some sort of accident during the set. Even though it is, Arci Munoz owned up and apologized to the latter party, which Reyes accepted wholeheartedly.

“I Can Do That” airs this upcoming weekend and Kapamilyas should probably look after this. Hosted by Alex Gonzaga and Robi Domingo, ICDT’s timeslot is after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” during Saturdays, and after “Rated K” on Sundays.


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