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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Best Way To Tell Your Girlfriend That You Want To Make Love With Her. #4 Is The Best of All

Opening up to your partner about being intimate could be a tad bit awkward. Intimacy requires comfort as well as the right moment and frame of mind for both halves of the relationship, especially if it’s your first time together.

Intimacy begins with honesty and understanding. Admitting what you feel and understanding what your partner prefers without putting pressure on them will set the right mood for an intimate moment.
So how do you begin opening up about wanting to ‘do it’ with your partner?

1.) Talk about it. 
Admitting you want to have sex could be difficult and embarrassing but it doesn;t have to be. Be sure about what you really want and be confident about it. Understanding and reflecting that you are really ready for it and can handle the consequences that come along with it is the first step.

2.) Share your feelings.
Admitting you want to do it is the first step, opening up is the next. Be sure to share your fears and worries, and understand your partner’s as well. Doing it is more than just about sex, make sure you make your partner feels that.

3.) No pressure. 
Be open to the idea that he or she is not yet ready and it might take time. Do not pressure your partner. Being committed to you does not hinder your partner from saying ‘no’. It is always of the utmost importance to get his or her consent.

4.) Be honest. 
Open up about pertinent matters regarding your sex life. Do not hide details about your previous partners or any history of STDs. Honesty is key. Remember that safe sex is always the best kind.

5.) Preferences. 
Ask questions if needed. Tackle your desires, fantasies, soft spots, the things you imagine doing.

6.) Timing.
Next, choose the right moment. Make sure it is more than just about letting it out and getting what you want out of your partner. Doing it requires the right emotions and the right moment.

7.) Set the mood.
Make sure to create the best intimate mood to get your partner relaxed. Go slow and make sure you both enjoy the moment. Do not be afraid to try new things to keep the intimacy alive throughout the relationship. Flirt, do foreplay and put yourselves in a sexy mood to keep your sex life from turning mundane.

8.) Prioritize your relationship.
Relationships should be more than just about sex. Make sure the relationship thrives by making time for each other and connecting on a deeper emotional level with your partner.
Try these tips for a healthier and happier sex life with your partner and tell us what you think in the comments section! Don’t forget to share this on Facebook!

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