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Friday, March 10, 2017

BREAKING! Mga ANak ni VP Leni,Pinagbantaan Ng Rape!

Attackers are not just becoming more vicious in maligning Vice President Leni Robredo, but they are also going after her three daughters.

In a forum in Miriam College Thursday (March 9), Robredo shared that her daughters have become targets of cyber bullying.

“You know my three daughters have been threatened with bodily harm, with rape, and these are all online. Pag mag-isa ka, matatakot ka eh,” she said.

Duterte urged the young women who comprised most of her audience to organize themselves so they can deal with trolls and cyber bullies in a better way.

“It’s better if we’re organized, get help from adults, and really strategize on how you can do things. Pero iyong sa akin kasi, hindi puwede pabayaan. Because, kung papabayaan, they will dominate and we will all spiral down,” she said.


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