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Thursday, March 16, 2017

BREAKING: Organ Trafficker Kasama ang Dalawang Patay Na Bata! Nahuli Na

We are still trying to trace the provenance of the picture they used. Thanks to help from people like Danny Liew, we traced the picture to this post on a Chinese website. The two children in the picture were victims of organ traders in China.

Who Are The Children In The Picture?
This is the largest example of the photo and was uncensored, so this is likely to be the original source of the photo. It was most likely combined with unrelated photos to create the hoax.
Please note that we have no idea how true this story is, or if the picture is really of children killed for their organs.
Who Is The Guy In The Pictures?
You might be wondering – who is the chap The Coverage Bureau accused of being a child kidnapper, illegal organ trafficker and murderer. Thanks to?, we not only know who he is, but what the police apprehended him for.
According to the report and an NST news report, this man is 30-year old Mohd Akhyar bin Othman from Pahang. The police were seen pursuing him and an unknown accomplice in their black Proton Perdana with the registration number WHN 717 at around 2:20 PM on 1 November 2016.
At KM 3.7 of the MRR2 highway (heading towards Sungai Buloh), the police fired two shots at their car’s tyre and successfully brought them to a halt. Unfortunately, only Mohd Akhyar was caught. His accomplice managed to escape. The police recovered a large amount of drugs in the car.
Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner R. Munusamy confirmed the incident in the NST news report.
While Mohd Akhyar is quite likely a drug mule / trafficker (who is innocent until proven guilty), we know for sure that he is not the child kidnapper, illegal organ trafficker and murderer with 2 dead children in his van / Proton Perdana, as alleged in the fake The Coverage Bureau story. He’s not even Thai!
Stop Sharing Their Bullshit
The Coverage Bureau is a Malaysian clickbait website founded by Shen Yee Aun. He claims that they were inspired to “change the style, norm and culture on how we should be consuming news in Malaysia“.
However, all they have done since their inception in November 2015 was copy (some would argue, plagiarise) content from Facebook and other clickbait websites. They were even caught reposting old news from mainstream newspapers as fresh news.
As a portal that does not create any fresh or unique content, but merely regurgitates whatever their staff members think are “newsworthy” on the Internet, they do NOT deserve your support.
Support bloggers and writer that actually create content. [Links: Rojackpot]


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