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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Eat garlic with honey on an empty stomach for a week and be surprised with the result!

 is widely known in the cooking industry because of its unique taste. There is about no savory dish ever created by anyone that has ever excluded putting garlic into it. Its tangy, strong taste is what completes the flavors altogether.

There would definitely be something missing from our palettes if garlic is not one of the ingredients in what we consume. Almost everyone has grown up to the smell of garlic that their moms would usually prepare every lunch and even in the morning when it’s the fried rice that is served.
The downside about having garlic as a flavour enhancer alone is that its nutrients isn’t properly absorbed since it is being overwhelmed by the other constituents of the meal you have eaten.
Eating garlic on an empty stomach has and will make a great difference in absorbing the miracle substance that it contains, namely, Allicin. Allicin is the substance being extracted from garlic because of its amazing property against cancer.
Every morning, eating garlic about 30 minutes before taking in your breakfast will surely protect you from carcinogenic chemicals. It can also be taken in with honey, asides from the fact that honey masks the strong taste of garlic; it also enhances its benefits. You can also try drinking a garlic infused tonic that you can prepare by doing these steps:
– 5 garlic cloves (chopped)
– ½ medium sized yellow onion (chopped)
– 2 pieces of red chilli peppers (chopped)
– juice of one lemon
– 1 tablespoon of chopped ginger
– Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar
Use a small jar of 350-500 ml. Add the onion before adding the garlic. Then you add the chilli and everything else. Store it in a clean jar that has enough room to leave at least 1 centimeter. Let sit for a few days at your refrigerator and drink every morning.


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