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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Enrile to Testify Against Trillanes Over Scarborough Issue : Full of Evidence

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is preparing five consolidated administrative and criminal cases against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV after the office of former Senator Juan ponce Enrile submitted substantial evidence over Trillanes secret trips to China.

On Friday, DOJ spokesman Atty. Raul Esguerra said the evidence forwarded by the former senator will be enough to implicate Trillanes on cases like espionage and betrayal of public trust.

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile on Friday said he got data that the stealthy trip of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to China, just before he volunteered to be a back-channel mediator for the Philippine government is associated with the $70-billion loan guaranteed by Beijing to the Philippines.

Loaning mystery to his main goal, the Senate has no record that Trillanes looked for consent for any of his six excursions to China, Enrile said. Trillanes utilized a common passport and declined to have this stamped by migration.

“I have gotten data this has something associated with the $70-billion credit that should have been guaranteed by the Chinese government to the President to execute China’s tasks,” Enrile said in a TV meeting.

In any case, Enrile said he had not confirmed the data, but rather demanded that an exceptionally dependable source offered it to him after his confrontation with Trillanes on the floor in the Senate entire last Wednesday.

“I have not confirmed this, but rather I got this data,” Enrile said.

“I was pondering, how might this man . . . I’ve been in the administration for a long, long time. I think you can’t go to China and simply burst into the Foreign Affairs Ministry of China, and make a visit to them, none, no one,” he advance clarified.

Enrile uncovered that some Chinese agents in the nation, who had contacts in China, organized Trillanes’ outings to China, for which he neither looked for nor got authorization from the Senate President, and utilized a common travel permit.

“His contacts? I was told [they’re] Chinese agents in the nation, who had contacts in China,” Enrile said.

Enrile said that when he learned of Trillanes’ excursion to China, he promptly checked Senate records to check whether he has authorization to go, following under the law, he ought to have requested consent, for record purposes.

The evidence submitted to DOJ also includes videos of Trillanes negotiating with Chinese government officials in China.

Enrile accused Trillanes of selling the West Philippine Seas to China for Chinese investments in the Philippines.

by Mathy Redoblo


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