HEARTBREAKING FOOTAGE: Ang Batang Ito Ay Itinapon Sa Ilog At Sinagip Ng Isang Taxi Driver Goes Viral - Daily Buzz PH


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Sunday, March 19, 2017

HEARTBREAKING FOOTAGE: Ang Batang Ito Ay Itinapon Sa Ilog At Sinagip Ng Isang Taxi Driver Goes Viral

An unidentified Cab driver in China made news with his courage by saving a sinking infant. The mommy of the baby threw him off the bridge in Ruzhou City in Henan Province, China according to the report. The mommy who said to be encountering psychological illness captures everybody and was shocked after walking to the railing of the bridge and without hesitation, she threw her baby off the bridge into the Jing River. The mommy then normally walk away with unemotional expression while the other people walking on the bridge were left confused. Several passersby were shouting for help and call attention to the brave people and unexpectedly a taxi driver came to the place.

According to the report, the hero taxi driver was just come to pass driving across the bridge when the mommy captures his attention before the tragic incident occurred. Even though he saw nothing incorrect with the incident at first, his instinct force him to proceed f0or helping. Luckily he listened to his instinct and immediately jumped off the bridge. the courageous man jumped off the bridge into the river to save the sinking baby willingly.

Upon redeeming the infant from sinking into the river, he tied a rope around the child's abdomen and the passersby raised the baby upward to rescue the baby. The people on the bridge tries to revive the infant by slapping it, trying to save it so that the water from the lungs will come out. Even though the baby is in unconscious condition waiting for the paramedics, and the baby later becomes conscious in the hospital. The baby is now in a safe condition. The Ruzhou authorities are scrutinizing the mother's condition if they were able to file charges against her and criminal liable for the incident happened. See the full video below and share with us your idea!


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