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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hong Kong Netizens Compliment Filipino Hikers For Picking Up Trash

HONG KONG NETIZENS – Some Filipinos in Hong Kong gained praises from the netizens as they were seen picking up trash by Edward So.
For Filipinos to be praised in other nations is a great pride for the Philippines. It is like a creamer on top of a very good tasting coffee.
recent news report, a group of Filipinos were praised by Hong Kong netizens as they were seen picking up trash Ma On Shan.
Based on the report, the said Filipinos gained the praises after a man named Edward So who happened to see them along the way posted about the Filipino hikers.
In a recent news report in ABS-CBN, Edward So’s post contains how he saw the Filipino hikers, what was with each of them as they hike, what they did on the bags their carrying, and a realization question to the Hong Kong native hikers.
So’s post read: “While exercising on Ma On Shan today, I saw seven or eight Filipino domestic helpers each carrying a big bag and filling them up with trash as they hiked. My fellow hikers, would you be glad to see people from other countries having to tidy your native land? I feel so embarrassed!”
report also entailed about the reactions of some netizens on the post of So. It stated that an individual commended them as ‘top class human beings’ as he wrote, “Truly top class human beings! Hong Kong people also need to work hard and do good for the city!” 
Another individual also aired out his side as he wrote, “This is praiseworthy. We Hongkongers should learn from this and follow their example.”
Based on the report, the post was shared by several netizens over the social media until it came to a clear ground as it was revealed that the group seen by So is one of the six groups who were in a cleaning mission to MacLehose Trail.
The group of Filipinos and some Indonesian addresses themselves as ‘Filipina Extreme Hikers’ based on the report.

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