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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ibinulgar Na Ang Sindikatong Tunay Na Pumatay kay Jessie Robredo

The Late Former DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo was one of the excellent Aquino appointees. Her was straightforward and brave. Before the tragic incident happens in a plane crash, he was investigating dr*glords and their relation with the PNP. He found out the links and relation to some high officials like generals, particularly two have been identified publicly among 6 by Pres. Duterte. Jesse Robredo preserved the files and to avoid them to be taken and stored them in his condominium. Jesse Robredo notified the Pres. Aquino of his investigation.The dilemma was, it was not only dr*glords who had related to some PNP generals but as Jesse scrutinize deeply they found out that there is Palace official related. After the tragic plane crash, Aquino instructed Rico Puno the DILG Undersecretary to hurry to Robredo's condominium to find the files and dispose of them because it contained compromising evidence against two Cabinet officials. For reviewing the plane crash report, there are discrepancies in the declarations of the single survivor which signifies the report could have been altered. There is no autopsy was accomplished on the remains of Robredo.The majority knows that Aquino and Robredo had big differences. The president requested Jesse to slow down the investigation but Jesse was not a kind of man who could be prevented fro doing his duty.

After that, there was no detailed investigation on what the true cause of the plane crash.The Palace did not arrive to go for further investigation and bury Jesse as a hero and dismissed the questions regarding the tragic plane crash. With the immediate burying of Jesse, the investigation has been closed. Even the DILG Sec. mar Roxas and DOJ Sec Leila De lima don't go further investigation. They knew the extent of the illeg*l dr*g trade. Marcelo Garbo was very close to Roxas. He publicly supported on his presidential campaign. He was charges of the black ops against Duterte. The other PNP Generals identified by Duterte were also concerned with Roxas. It is not a surprise because they were part of the same graduating class. Leila de Lima was blinded to the ongoing of detained dr*g lords in the Bilibid who are continuing the operation of shabu trade from their comfort accommodations built with the understanding of the DOJ secretary.

Presently she reported that she was against their transfer. What was the reason? De Lima and Roxas have many to explain. The growth of the illegal trade that covers mostly of barangays in the country and it will not happen without the conspiracy of high PNP and government officials. It worth Php450 billion yearly trade. To the extent of impairing 6 million of our youth in physical and mental. So very large that it totaled at least 34 mayors, some governors, and congressmen who are currently scrutinized.

They are so powerful that they offer Php1 billion to slain Pres. Duterte.The only means of removing this evil is to terminate dr*g lords and their cohorts if they will not surrender. Remembering Mexico that it terminated 500 in the initial year of its battle against dr*g cartels.Some 100 at home have been reported kil*ed that is now pushing to multitude surrenders of pushers and addicts, the recent were 4000 in Davao del Norte. Others are hurrying to surrender in the other regions.The next means is to terminate the national and local officials safeguarding them to surrender willingly. Terminate a few dozen more and in less than half of year the dr*g menace can lead to a small proportion. Disregarding the critics. As an example of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew remind us
 "the security and well-being of law-abiding citizens are more important than the rights of crimin*ls. Those who defend the latter are either coddler or in the pay of dr*g syndicates."

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