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Thursday, March 16, 2017

IN VIDEO: Asawa Nahuling Nakipagtalik sa Kanyang Kabit Pero Hindi Natanggal Ang Ari Ng Lalaki Dahil sa KuLam

Do you believe in witchcraft or black magic? Many of us didn’t, but there are some who believe in its power. In case you aren’t a fan of strange phenomena but love widespread gossips, here’s a story about a controversial love triangle (with a twist of something supernatural) that might give a valuable lesson to all cheaters out there.

A Kenyan man has been suspecting that his wife is cheating on him. To proved his intuition, he decided to see a witch doctor to seek help and catch who his wife was having an affair with.

A black magic was then cursed to his wife, causing the wife’s lover’s manhood to get stuck inside her while doing their nasty business.

Being stuck inside, they were caught red-handed by the suspicious husband. Later, the police came in but failed to separate the two after several hours of attempts causing an immediate uproar. A large crowd gathered outside to witness the embarrassing situation.

The police ran out of options on how to help the cheating couple as the husband refused to remove the spell.

Finally, the guilty man agreed to pay the husband Sh20,000 ($205) in compensation for damages and embarrassment the victim suffered. To seal the deal, a local pastor was summoned to pray for the adulterous couple.

The pastor loudly prayed: “We rebuke the spirit of devil! I now call the mighty God…who hates the power of death, to call upon your name now…”

As the divine intervention proceeded, the pastor asked the man if he believe in God. He said: “Munaamini mungu?” After the man said “yes” and nodded further in agreement, the pastor commanded “Siutoe hiyo kitu. Toka!” (Pull that thing out. Out!), and told him to get off the woman.

Seconds later, the man finally succeeded to get his thing off inside the cheating woman who was sobbing out of shame. But the man was left bewildered in disbelief, staring at the people in the room for a moment.

“Anaangalia namna gani huyu? Huamini.” (Why is this man staring like this. You don’t believe it?), a policeman said.

After gaining back his consciousness, the man dressed up and was immediately escorted to a nearby ATM to withdraw the money, while the woman remained sobbing in the bed, too embarrassed for what she has done.

May this video serve as a deterrent to those who plans on cheating their partners. If black magic won’t get you…I’m sure, karma will!

[source] -Wereblog

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