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Sunday, March 5, 2017

IN VIDEO: Babaeng Nagpalit ng Kasuotan sa Loob Ng Train Goes Viral

Public places are placed where many people shared for many things. In that place, people are free to do anything. But even it is a public place we cannot do everything literally. There is some exception on this especially when it comes to human decency and have limitations. The girl on this viral video seems doesn't know her limitation in the public places like the train.From the beginning of the video, it shows that the girl with an insufficient length and size of the dress.

Immediately the girl is taking off her dress and the only remaining was her undergarments. The people inside the train, normally, started to act clumsily at this dream-like situation. The girl then started to wearing another piece of dress. And all this occurred as the passengers carefully looked away in embarrassment. The video was allegedly taken in Shanghai China and garnered many reactions and comments from the netizen and youtube viewers.

Youtube viewers Summer Reyes commented
"This was like a dare!!....Maybe something to do with a TV programme???..Chinese women have the way to much respect for themselves to do this!"
Another Youtube viewers commented mubpfc
"I think they been paid to do this, this is not normal in Shanghai..."

What is your idea of this video? Please share your opinion about this.


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