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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Karne ng Patay na Tao Ginawang Corned Beef At Ini-export sa Ibang Bansa

In May 2016, a Facebook post claiming that China was making corned beef with dead bodies and selling the products to Africa started circulating on social media, along with a series of photos purportedly showing the morbid operation.
Different versions of the above-displayed Facebook post have been around for many years, with a variety of gruesome images purportedly showing dead bodies being made into corned beef. These photographs come from a number of sources, but at least one of them was taken from a 2012 marketing stunt for the video game Resident Evil 6, in which a butcher shop selling fake “human meat” was set up at London’s Smithfield Market:
This rumor has been reported by several disreputable web sites which often truck in unverified or hoax “news” stories, such as TuneZNG, Information Hood, and Nairaland.  Of course, none of these web sites provided any evidence that China was actually making corned beef with human bodies, and didn’t explain the reason the misinformation was being shared with unrelated photographs.
The “foreign foods” trope is a common one, and so are hoax stories about China’s food industry.  However, making any blanket assumptions or generalizations about China and its food industry is problematic and ultimately meaningless, because as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration itself points out, China is an enormous country with a wildly diverse array of suppliers and consumers:
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