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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kasindak-sindak na pagbubulgar ni Pres Duterte sa isang diagram tungkol kay Leni

President Rodrigo Duterte did not support the impeachment case vs Vice President Leni Robredo because doing so would prove to be a beneficial political move.
Blogger Sass Sasot who was among those who complained against Robredo, made a diagram as to how different responses of Duterte towards the case would warrant different results and why his decision was the wisest one.
In the Diagram, Sasot explained that if Duterte chooses to support the impeachment, should an impeachment case be filed against him and Robredo chooses to support it, she will look like a power grabber and Duterte will appear like he is prosecuting his VP. Hence, both would be at a draw.

If Robredo disapproves of his impeachment, she won’t appear like a woman thirsty for power. However, Duterte will look like he is victimizing Robredo. This would be favorable to Robredo.
If the President disagrees with the VP impeachment, should an impeachment case for him be filed and Robredo approves of it, she will be put in a bad light, going against the man who supported her stay in power. This would be favorable to Duterte.
If Robredo disapproves of such a case, this will be a draw to the both of them, yet Sasot says this will be slightly favorable to Duterte as he is the first to support her.
Duterte discouraged ousting the VP, and Sasot says him going otherwise would be the “wet dreams” of the Liberal Party as it would be a chance to paint him as a power grabber who would get rid of all who get in his way.
“What Duterte just did is to pre-empt the momentum of Leni’s ascendance as a politically persecuted virgin in the eyes of the international community. Duterte has been playing King’s gambit: He welcomed the impeachment case against him, while unsupportive of the impeachment case against the woman in haste to take his seat,” she said.
“Leni has no choice but to mirror what Duterte is doing: discourage the impeachment case against him. But she’s too late in doing that,” she added.


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