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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Must Learn! 12 Things that will happen to your body when you eat eggs!

Here are the 12 reason why do you have to eat eggs:

1. Eggs will save you
Our body produces about eleven amino acids and still need nine more in order to function properly. By simply eating eggs, the remaining nine acids that your body needs will be satisfied. The lack of these fatty acids will likely causes muscle wasting, weak immunity, weakness, fatigue and weak hair and skin.
2. Regulate Cholesterol
Cholesterol is the root of various problems in human body. There are two types of cholesterol, the good one and definitely the bad one. Egg contains the healthy portions that our body needs.
3. Immunity Boost
Eating an egg or two each day can help fight the infections, diseases and the viruses because actually contains 22% of selenium that our bodies need to take daily. This nutrient strengthens our immunity and helps regulate our thyroid hormones.
Children are advised to eat eggs as well because selenium deficiency may lead to the development of Keshan disease and Kashi-Beck disease which applies in both adults and children.
4. Reduce the risk of heart problems
LDL or the bad cholesterol molecules tend to stick on our artery walls that most likely leads to atherosclerosis. HDL particles eliminate these fatty molecules from our arteries. There are various kinds of LDL particles and also there are different sizes of them.
Researchers have found out that the bigger particle is the better. A person who has small LDL particles has the higher risk of developing cardiovascular issues when compared to those people who has large particles.
Eggs is the answer in order to increase the LDL that are body further needs and it also decreases the chances of having heart disease.
5. Stimulate brain
Choline which can be seen in eggs can give our body nutritive value and power. Our cell membranes are also made up of it. Choline is also needed in order to synthesize of acetylcholine in our body properly.
Over 90% of all Americans eat less than the amount of recommended neurotransmitter. Numerous studies have shown that the lack of choline may lead to neurological disorders and impaired cognitive ability.
6. Eggs strengthen both teeth and bones
Eggs contain Vitamin D which is very needed for healthier skin and teeth. Egg is also rich in calcium which is very effective for the function of our heart, colon and metabolism.
7. Eggs improves skin and hair complexion
Unhealthy person most likely has the problems regarding to hair and skin. Eggs are rich in Vitamins B2, B5 and B12 which helps strengthen your hair, skin and eyes and helps improve the function of liver and brain too.
8. Improve vision
Egg yolks is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin which helps reduce the risk of having age-related macular degeneration and cataracts which are the two major reasons behind blindness and vision impairment.
According to a study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular consumption of egg yolks boosts the zeaxanthin level for about 114-142% as well as lutein by 28-50%.
9. Lose weight
Eggs can actually help those people who are trying to lose weight because it helps reduce fat and lose excess pounds.
An eight-week study have shown that those people who eats eggs for breakfast loses about 65% more weight than those who don’t. You will also be able to lose 16% body fat and about 61% of BMI and also about 34% of your waist circumference.
10. Feel full
Eggs are rich in protein and some experts’ uses eggs to measure protein. Studies have shown that the high protein foods greatly affect the appetite. The Satiety Index is the one who is responsible for the estimation of the effect of food on our fullness and egg is one of the foods which belong to the top.
11. Reduce stress and anxiety
As mentioned above, we already told you about the nine amino acids that our bodies need and most likely found in eggs. These amino acids can actually affect your mental health. A year 2004 study that was conducted by National Academy of Sciences have shown that you can reduce anxiety and stress by adjusting the serotonin levels in our nervous system.
12. Eggs boost the energy
Vitamin B2 or riboflavin and other B Vitamins are great for the improvement of energy since they help convert food that you eat into fuel. An egg contains 15% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B2. Eggs not only increasing your energy but also tones your body. It actually belongs to the group 0f 25 powerful body toning foods.

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