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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Must Read! How to fight ovarian cyst and myoma in a natural way

A person can obtain an ovarian cyst on either one or both of the ovaries.
Ovarian cyst are often harmless and it has the ability to eliminate itself but there are some circumstances where ovarian cyst can turn to a huge one that might burst and can result to severe damage in the ovary.
One of the diseases that women usually suffer from is fibroids or myomas.
Fibroids or also known as myomas are often harmless or non-cancerous tumors which cultivate on the uterus wall. Just like cyst, they are not that harmful but if it is left untreated it will lead to a serious health issue.
A huge number of women around the world suffer from this health condition especially those young ones and those who are in menopause stage.
This article contains a simple instructions on how to prepare this remedy that will surely help you in treating your cysts and fibroids easily.
  • 2.5 liters of honey
  • 1 liter of beet juice
All you have to do is to prepare a beet juice first, if you cannot find one, you can buy in the nearest market. Then, put it in a blender and add the honey. Mix them properly.
Just consume 1 glass of this remedy right after eating your meal. Consume a glass after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Do these daily to see the best result. Your cyst and myomas will be eliminated in a few days.


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