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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Must Try! Rub a specific finger for 60 second and be amazed by the result!

Did you know that rubbing your fingers can actually help you in solving some health problems?
There is a Japanese unusual medicine method that was based on the belief that each and every finger in your hand is linked to 2 other organs in the body. This method shows the result for as quickly as 5 minutes.
This traditional method of healing is known as Jin Shin Juytsu. It can help you in balancing your emotions by simply stimulating specific points in your hands.
This kind of method affects specific body organs by strongly holding or rubbing a finger on one hand for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Breathe deeply while doing this method and massage the fingers on both of your hands. The entire method lasts for at least 3 minutes.

Here is the explanation behind the connection between the fingers and specific body organs, emotions and physical symptoms:

  • Thumb
The thumb is the chubbiest finger that we all have. It is associated with the stomach and spleenwort such as skin problems, stomach aches, headaches and nervousness including anxiety and depression.
  • Index Finger
This finger is the one that we usually use to point out things. It is linked to our urinary bladder and kidney and also in the digestion problems such as muscle pain, back pain and toothache including fear, confusion and discontent.
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  • Middle Finger
This finger is known as the offensive finger but it is a lot more. It is connected to the liver and yolky bitter. It can relive the headaches, migraines, tiredness, circulation problem and menstrual pain as well as the weakness and irritability.
  • Ring Finger
This is called ring finger because this is where the rings are usually placed. It is related to the large intestines and lungs and it can solve your digestion problems, skin condition, respiratory problems and even asthma. It can also get rid of your pessimism, sadness and fear.
  • Pinkie Finger
This is the smallest finger that we all have. It is associated with the heart and small intestines. It can soothe sore throat, bone issues and heart disease as well as the lack of confidence, anxiety and nervousness.
All you have to do is to rub one of these fingers for at least 60 seconds in order to see the best results and be amazed too.

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