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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Must try! This effective mixture can help you reduce gallstones in 24 hours!

A lot of people around the world, especially the children, contain stones in their liver channels. On the other side, some individuals have no signs while others experiencing symptoms just like skin rashes.
The symptoms of this illness are different and people are not usually aware of it until they go through on x-ray test. Gallstones are often small in size and red, dark, green, dim or white tinted in color. It also has a huge amount of meditation of cholesterol.
In some cases where gallstones exist in the human body, less amount of cholesterol are being reduce in it and there is a huge chance where it might surge. These stones have the ability to obtain microorganisms and parasites that can be easily transfer in the liver which can lead to several illnesses.
You have to get rid of the gallstones first in order to treat a stomach ulcer or disease.
Here is an astonishing remedy that can actually reduce the gallstones inside your body effectively:
  • 1/2 cup of cold pressed olive oil
  • 4 teaspoons of unrefined epsom salt
  • 1 large fresh grapefruit juice
  • 1 cup with a lid
Prepare this treatment and make sure that you did not take any kind of remedies, minerals and vitamins the day before consuming the treatment. Also, eat foods that contain low fat in both lunch and dinner.
  • 2PM
Do not eat or drink after 2o’clock in the afternoon o else you will feel sick later on. Combine 4 teaspoons of epson salt with 3 glasses of water. Put it in the fridge. This mixture is enough for at least 4 doses.
  • 6PM
Drink the first dose or 1/4 amount of the mixture.
  • 8PM
Consume the second dose. You will not be hungry even if you haven’t eaten anything yet. All you have to do is to consume every dosage in the proper time.
  • 9:45PM
Start squeezing the grapefruit to gather its juice and mix it together with 1/2 amount of cool squeeze olive oil. You have to go to the bathroom first before consuming the remedy.
  • 10PM
Drink the remedy and stand up for at least 5 minutes then lie down in your bed and stay in that position for a couple of minutes. In this situation more number of gallstones have the possibility to be remove in your liver. You can actually feel the movement of the stones and the pain will be soothed.
In the morning, when you woke up, consume the third dose of the liquid mixture but not before 6am. If you are feeling unwell, wait for a few minutes until the pain is gone before consuming the third dose.
After two hours, drink the last liquid mixture. Then after another two hours, you may now start to eat. You have to begin the day with drinking natural juice and eating green vegetables an hour later. Make sure to eat light amount of food only in the entire day.
There is a tendency that you would acquire diarrhea in the next morning, but do not worry because it is just normal. After which you will be able to feel great and your body will be receiving freedom from the gallstones.

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