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Friday, March 10, 2017

Mystery Tree That Bears Fruit In The Shape Of Women Found Growing In Thailand

WEIRD – A tree in Thailand bears an unusual fruit that are really jaw-dropping as its fruit looks like a woman.
Most of the people are familiar to apples, oranges, grapes, mangoes, bananas, pineapples, and other famous fruits. Most of us are well-informed about their shapes, colors, and even the nutrients they give our bodies when we eat them.
have you ever thought if there is any fruit-bearing tree which bears fruit that is in a shape of a person?

In a feature article posted in one site, it discussed about the weird tree that bears unusual fruit.
Elite Readers has featured the unique fruit-bearing tree in Thailand that is said to bear fruits that are in the shape of women based on the article.
According to the post, the tree’s name is Nariphon which bears a woman-shaped fruits that have heads attached to the branch of the said tree.
feature also mentioned of the matter’s link to Buddhist mythology that narrates about the story of God Indra who created 12 Nariphon trees to guard his wife Vessantara Jataka from hermits and Yogis.
Furthermore, the men would bring home the woman-shaped unusual fruit and make love to it which would lead them to a four-month sleep and to lose their magical powers.
The feature also made mention that the said Thailand tree still bears unusual fruits even after the family of God Indra has long been gone. It also noted on the claimed existence of Nariphon pods in Luang Pho Jarun at Wat Ampawan, Singburi Buddhist Temple.


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