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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nagkagulo Ang Mga Netizen Ng Makita Ang Imahe ng Birhen Pagkatapos ng Malakas Na Ulan

Seven hours ago, photos of what residents claim to be an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary made rounds on social media and created buzz among Filipino netizens.
Within the past few weeks, numerous peculiar incidents transpired across the nation. Many unusual deep sea creatures started appearing on shallow waters. However, this recent happening might just explain everything.
According to the residents who personally witnessed the incident, an image f the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared following a particularly strong rainfall.
The bizarre incident caught the attention of the residents and netizens alike. A crowd started to form around the wall because of the curiosity it brought about.
After the photo was posted online, many netizens began speculating that it was a sign.
Some believed it has something to do with the coming 'big one' since the image appeared after the rain, somewhat similar to the appearances of the other strange creatures from the sea. Others concluded that it was because people are starting to lose faith and drift away from God.
"Dahil malayo na ang mga tao satin mahal na diyos kaya nagpakita ang imahin ni Mama Mary upang tayong lahat ay magbalik loob na kanya dahil mas marami ang gumawa ng masama sa mabuti," suggested netizen Ebing TQuirante.
However many other netizens dismissed the superstitious belief, claiming that it was a mere coincidence.
"hala kundi ba naman mga tanga at tarantado,.... kahit ano nalang na maging ganyan ang shape sasambahin na," commented Daniel Mariposque.
"Punyemas naman! Pati ba naman tagas ng tubig. Lahat na lang basta nagkorte eh imahe na," said Mon Garcia.
"Kalokohan.... Sa bibliya ka maniwala hwag sa imahin ng kung sino sino," advised Ivan Cedillo.
Last December 2016, a similar incident rattled residents of KilmallockLimerick in Ireland. About 50 people gathered to see the unusual image that formed outside a house in the Riverview Estate. The image that formed was also believed to be an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.




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