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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Panoorin: Bata pinapakain ng live worms ng ina!

Footage of a mother feeding her little girl with live worms, believing that it is good for her daughter, sparks outrage on the internet.

The clip shows the kid being fed with a bowl of black worms.
Despite seeing her creepy lunch, the little girl shows no sign of disgust and happily ate her food.
At one point, the little girl even picked up a worm herself and ate it.
The video was uploaded online by mom Deri Lioni from Lombok, Indonesia – which garnered negative feedbacks online. Somehow, some viewers believe that cultural differences should be taken into consideration and supported Deri for her act.
Apparently, according to the Jakarta Post, eating worms in Lombok isn’t quite rare. People from the new trending holiday island, Lombok often go out to the beach to catch these worms to celebrate the Nyale Sea Worm Festival.
In case you didn’t know, according to Royal Society, earthworms are rich in protein and comparable to eggs. The study also revealed that the amount of calcium in worms is similar to cow’s milk or cheese.

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