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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This Natural Remedy Helps You Cleansing Uric Acid Off Your Body

Uric acid is a chemical byproduct that your body produces as it breaks down food that contains organic compounds called purines.

According to studies, the accumulation of uric acid in the body leads to certain health complications like gout.

Particularly, uric acid that accumulates in the joint causes arthritis in those areas.
In fact, gout is a kind of arthritis, an inflammatory condition which has a near-debilitating and painful effect on those who suffer from this illness.

So for those people at the prime age of 30, perhaps it’s time for to you to start checking your body’s uric acid content. Better to be safe and healthy, wouldn’t you agree?
If you’re looking for easy and natural methods of reducing your body’s uric acid, then look no further!

Read this simple and easy all-natural recipe which will help in significantly reducing the uric acid from your joints along with other dangerous toxins inside your body. This method may help soothe the pain and inflammation for those already suffering from gout or any arthritic condition!
Remember to always check with your doctor for any conditions you may be suffering from!

Preparation is easy!

You’ll need the following ingredients:
-2 celery ribs
-1 slice of lemon
-1 medium-sized cucumber
-1 inch of ginger root

Then it becomes a simple matter of preparing the mixture.

-Wash all the- ingredients properly.
-Cut the celery and cucumber into slices.
-Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend at high speed for several minutes – or until smooth.
Drink this mixture twice a day on a weekly basis. There’s a chance you might experience mild pain, but that only means the product is working.
Ginger has been used historically for its medicinal, anti-inflammatory properties, Celery also has anti-inflammatory properties and both these items can relieve joint inflammation. Meanwhile, cucumber juice gets rid of the uric acid crystals which settle in the joints.
Try this drink out for yourself and see the benefits! Share this story on Facebook!


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