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Sunday, March 19, 2017

VIRAL NOW: Isang Bata Nakain ng Buwaya Pagkatapos Buksan Ang Tiyan Nito

Villagers in northern Zimbabwe's Mashonaland Central Province were stunned after they found the remains of a young boy inside an enormous crocodile that they shot dead.

Rumors about a crocodile eating children whole started to spread across the entire village according to UNILAD, an English news site. When the villagers discovered one of their boys was missing, they immediately thought that a crocodile might have eaten him.

To prove their theory, locals shot this crocodile dead. Afterwards, they cut it open to see what was inside its belly.

To their utter shock and horror, they saw the crushed remains of the poor boy inside the reptile’s stomach.

One villager from Mushumbi Pools filmed the moment when authorities retrieved the boy’s body. Watch the video here:

WARNING: Graphic content not suitable for children. Viewer discretion advised.

The case was also reported by another English news site, Both Mirror and UNILAD were unable to name the victim. They claimed that the child was given a public funeral and was buried two days after the discovery of his remains.

Meanwhile, experts in the area claimed that the rising water in their rivers due to heavy rains greatly affected the sightings of these huge reptiles.

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Source: TNP , Unilad

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