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Monday, March 6, 2017

VP Leni Konektado Daw sa Hinalaang Pinakamalaking Drug Lord sa Naga

Despite maintaining a low key profile since she was inaugurated last June, Leni Robredo continues to earn flak from critics and other Duterte supporters who have been circulating conspiracy theories about her. Despite these many speculations, none of them so far have been strongly proven, but these have nonetheless tainted the image of the Vice President somehow.

Recently, a Facebook page called We Are Collective posted a rather controversial issue centered on Vice President's connection with Naga's biggest drug lord. According to them, the article was the first part of their expose on the Vice President. According to them, Jose "Butch" Manalastas Robredo, sibling of the late Jesse Robredo, who served as the former Naga City Mayor and DILG Secretary, was in fact the biggest illegal drug supplier in the city.

Furthermore, they claimed that the locals of Naga, are somehow aware that 'Butch' is indeed running a drug business but was afraid to speak against the Robredos. They noted how he tried escaping to America numerous times after Duterte took over the office last year, to avoid getting involved with the President's list of narcos.

“Si JOSE “BUTCH” MANALASTAS ROBREDO na nag-iisang kapatid na lalaki ni Jesse at bayaw ni VP Leni Robredo,”

“Tumakas na ito at lumipad patungong Amerika noong nakaraang taon nang maging Pangulo si Rodrigo Duterte. At dahil sa takot na mapangalanan sya ay sadyang nagtago na sa US,”

However, many of the Vice President's supporters debunked the claims saying that Butch Robredo has never been involved in anything connected to drugs and that the group should have given more evidence to prove their claims.

We Are Collective group has been collecting articles from well-known Duterte supporters such as "Bruce Rivera, Jojo Robles, Mark Lopez, Krizette Laureta Chu, MJ Quiambao Reyes, Orion Perez, Mike Acebedo Lopez, Antonio P. Contreras, Rocky Gonzales, Jovybev Aquino, and Charles Englund. They have been dropping hints through their teasers in their Facebook page taken from the expose they revealed on their page.

One of these teasers spread like wildfire which goes: "Remember that bus riding PR stunt that went viral which turned Leni into the national symbol of humility? Guess who took that picture. A gal named Keisha Del Castillo. And who is Keisha? A member of Leni's congressional staff (now she's with the OVP). But it isn't Keisha we're interested in. It's Keisha's mom Judy. Who is Judy Cheng Del Castillo? At sino sya sa buhay ni Leni and Jesse Robredo? Let's just say she carries Leni's bags."

The netizens' reactions remain divided at this point of time with regards to this expose they released.

[source] - TNP

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