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Friday, March 17, 2017

Wag nyo po itong gayahin! Mag-asawang Nagtalik sa Gitna ng Dagat Hindi Na Natanggal


Elevators, dressing rooms, and cars -just some of the places some couples have had public intercourse. For some, the thrill of getting caught adds to the excitement. But sometimes there are serious consequences to these lascivious acts. Just like what happened to an Italian couple who chose a rather odd place to do the deed.

The two lovers were on a secluded beach in Porto San Giorgio, Italy. They couldn’t control themselves so they decided to head out to the sea together to make love.

But their lovemaking session ended horribly. The man couldn’t disengage himself from the woman.

The couple couldn’t get out of the water so they stayed there until a woman passed and gave them a towel to cover their bodies so they could walk to the shore. They called a doctor to the scene but he couldn’t separate them so they were rushed to a nearby hospital.

They were set free after the woman was given an injection that dilates the uterus.

Doctors say that the couple suffered penis captivus, a rare occurence where the muscles of the v*gina clamps down firmly on the p*nis.

Dr John Dean, a UK-based sexual physician, said: “When the p*nis is in the v*gina it becomes increasingly engorged. The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at org*sm. While those muscles contract the p*nis becomes stuck and further engorged.”

So the next time you decide to get frisky in public, think twice. Some things should always be done privately.

H/T: Daily Mail

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