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Sunday, March 5, 2017

WARNING: Do Not Put Your Eggs To Your Refrigerator. Here's The Reason Why

It’s is the norm for many to keep their eggs in the refrigerator. Little do we know, we are doing this without regards to the dangers it brings to health by storing the eggs inside the fridge.
Keeping the eggs in cold areas help the bacteria to stay alive and contaminate the shell, among these bacteria is salmonella, which is damaging to health.
Studies showed that the eggs are better kept at room temperature containing a lower percentage of bacteria than those who were kept in the refrigerator because the eggs become contaminated when the hen puts that lead to the bacteria in the refrigerator to be preserved.
Salmonella when in cold places tend to multiply rapidly contaminating everything in the refrigerator.
It is prohibited to store eggs in the refrigerator and there is even penalty for those who keep the eggs in cold places in some European countries.
In the US, this practice of keeping eggs in the refrigerator is allowed, but given this valuable information it is advisable not to store the eggs in cold areas or specifically, the refrigerator.
Now that you are educated about the harmful effect of putting eggs inside the refrigerator, I hope you share this information to everyone you know to help them avoid the dangerous outcome of storing eggs in the fridge!


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