WARNING TO ALL: Beware sa Bagong Tactic sa Dalawang Babae Na Sangkot sa "KIDNAP FOR ORGANS MODUS" - Daily Buzz PH


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Monday, March 13, 2017

WARNING TO ALL: Beware sa Bagong Tactic sa Dalawang Babae Na Sangkot sa "KIDNAP FOR ORGANS MODUS"

"Kidnap for organs" is apparently a thing in the Philippines once again. 

According to the popular Facebook page, Social Trends PH, "Gumagala na naman daw ngayun ang mga myembro ng "kidnap for organ" gamit ang mga makabagong modus. Panoorin dito kung paano sila nangunguha ng bata at ano ang kanilang mga makabagong style."
Recently, two women were reportedly arrested by the police for allegedly trying to kidnap children in public places. 

They were caught in different parts of the Metro, but authorities seem to think that there is a pattern that links the two cases. 

ABS-CBN's TV Patrol came out with a video report about the two related incidents mentioned above. 

The first part of the report was about a woman named Marlyn Smith who was arrested in Paranaque after attempting to kidnap a 3-year old child at a local church. Fortunately, the child had the sense to call for his mother after Smith tried to grab him. Shane Osorio, the child's mother immediately reported the incident to the police who then arrested Smith after investigation. 

The second part of the report was also about another "attempted kidnapping" in Mandaluyong. This time, a woman named Filomena Pattung was arrested after attempting to drag a 3-year old child away from his uncle. The child's uncle immediately sought the help of the police after the incident. 

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According to ABS-CBN's report, both cases have one key similarity; the two women who were arrested both tried to pass off as mentally deranged when they were brought to their respective precincts. Both women were made to go under examination see if they really were suffering from any mental conditions, but police say that they were found to be normal based on the results. 

Authorities claim that this new tactic (acting like they are experiencing psychotic episodes when caught trying to kidnap children) may be a new operation devised by a yet-to-be-caught "kidnap for organs" group. 

Parents are advised to be more watchful of their surroundings when they are out with their children since they believe that more people like Smith and Pattung may still be going around, looking for more victims.

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