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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WATCH: Babaeng nagpalit ng damit habang may pasahero sa train!

When we say a place is public, we say that it is shared by many people. They are free to do anything in this places.
But we know that we cannot literally do 'anything'. There is such a thing such as basic human decency and limitations.
This woman in a viral video, however, doesn't seem to have any limitations whatsoever.
At the start of the video, we can see her in a skimpy dress. Suddenly, we see her taking off her clothes, leaving her in underclothes. People inside the train, naturally, began to act awkward at this surreal scene. She then began putting on another set of clothes. All of this happened as the passengers gingerly looked away in shame.
The video was apparently taken in ShanghaiChina. Watch the video below:
Netizens, of course, had to react.
Netizen Isidro Esguerra said, "Ok lang ate basta wag kalang sa harapan ko maghuhubad kc sigurado ko sayo tutuwad ka,,,haha,,kc papatirin kita sa paa para tumikwas ang dalawang paa mo ate,,,ok,,sige lang ate carry mo naman kc parang wala lang sayo kahit nakahubad kapa sa harap ng madaming tao,,,"
Another netizen, Losy Nepumuceno, said "bka akala niateh nsa bhay sya??????."

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