WATCH ► Duterte to ABS-CBN and Inquirer over unfair coverage: “You are a fuck*ng sh*t” - Daily Buzz PH


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Sunday, March 5, 2017

WATCH ► Duterte to ABS-CBN and Inquirer over unfair coverage: “You are a fuck*ng sh*t”

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday hurled invectives at broadcasting giant ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer over their supposedly slanted and malicious coverage of him.
In a speech before members of the councilors’ league in Malacañang, Duterte also lashed out at the Lopezes and Prietos, who own ABS-CBN and the Inquirer, respectively, and called them “persons who have not seen any good in this world.”
“How I would describe them—just tell them , that mayor said, you are a fucking shit,” Duterte said.
“Putang ina yang ABS-CBN ,” he added.
Duterte apparently hasn’t forgotten how the two media entities reported extensively on Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s allegation during the campaign season last year that he amassed ill-gotten wealth, which was purportedly hidden in bank accounts he did not declare in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.
Duterte said he will immediately resign if anyone shows proof he indeed has undeclared billions in the bank.
“Because if I have the money, I will resign tomorrow. Inquirer, mga bullshit kayo. Pati yang ABS CBN, basura yan ano ninyo,” he said.
The President also slammed the two media entities for reporting on his health a day after he celebrated his 72nd birthday.
“Kayong mga Prieto, kayong mga Lopez, ang mga lolo ninyo, hindi ba namatay?” he asked.
Duterte said he does not care if he’d resort to below the belt attacks as long as he is able to express his anger.
“Mga bastos din kayo, sa totoo lang,” he said. “Ako maggawa ng programa sa PTV4, bastusin ko rin kayo.
“Pag nagsabi kayo, mga putang ina ninyo, sabihin ko mga putang ina ninyo rin….Inquirer, you have never been fair. Bastos kayo, pati ABS-CBN bastos kayo,” Duterte said.
The President’s anger heightened as he called out the media for reporting news that weren’t supposedly verified.
“Without checking the vercity, the truth… pag election na, pera-pera na… Mukhang pera yang putang ina yan,” he said.
“Somebody should say, putang ina ninyo. Pag nakita kita, Putang ina mo, bastos ka…May mga press pala na mga putang ina… I do not need this at the time of my life,” Duterte added.


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