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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Woman Gave Birth To A Baby With 2 Heads Shocks The Doctors

On March 13, 2014, a woman gave birth to a baby with two heads at Cygnus JK Hindu Hospital in Sonipat, Haryana, in northern India.

Urmila Sharma, 28, gave birth to conjoined twins without any idea because she was too poor to have an ultrasound during her pregnancy, so complications had gone unnoticed.

Shockingly she gave life to a girl with two necks, two spines and two separate esophagi and trachea, but between them have only one heart and stomach, and one lung each.

The conjoined twins who share a single body with a dicephalic parapagus (an extremely unusual form of conjoinment) have been moved to one of India’s top hospitals for further examination, they are now being treated at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital (AIIMS), in Delhi. But the twin’s mother, Urmila is still recovering at Cygnus J.K. Hindu Hospital, who is feeling mentally drained and doesn’t feel strong enough to see her remarkable babies yet, according to the doctors.

Subhash Sharma, 32, the babies’ father who works as a laborer in a bicycle factory is pinning all his hopes on the doctors. “When my wife started to feel pain in her stomach we rushed to see a doctor. When we came to know about them there were no words, there was no way out, we were very shocked. It was all in God’s hands,” he said.

“I’m their father so I’ll do whatever I can for them. Whatever I’m earning will go towards my children. Just as I’ve cared for my daughter I will care for these babies, too, but the future will depend on the doctors. I’m a poor man and I will do my best for my family. Right now I am also worried about my wife. I can only hope the doctors will be able to help us.”

Though doctors fear that the chances of survival are slim. Dr Shikha Malik who delivered the baby said: “The parents are very distressed and we are helping the family the best we can.” She also said that the babies are far doing remarkably well. “It is a gift that they have come this far. We can only pray that there is a future for them,” Malik said. “We are trying all we can to help them and we’re speaking to experts from all over the world to see if there’s any chance of surgery. But it is looking unlikely at the moment.” she added.


While at AIIMS, Dr. Minu Bajpai, pediatric surgeon in charge of the babies said, “We’re in the process of working out their anatomy and the extent of their fusion. The babies will remain at the said hospital and be closely monitored.

Although it is rare, conjoined twins can survive. A lot of prayer are needed, please keep these remarkable babies in your heart.

Sources: Dailymail, NYdailynews

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