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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Batang babae pinutulan ng daliri sa kanyang lola dahil sa nagnakaw umano ng P20.00

Corporal punishment or the act of imposing physical pain by a parent or guardian to a child by occasional spanking or slapping is a widely accepted culture in the Philippines. Parents believe that this is a part of their parental responsibility to discipline their child.
According to a study by Save the Children Philippines (a non-governmental organization against child abuse), 65% of Filipino kids experienced spanking as a form of punishment at home.
But where do parents and guardians draw the line between domestic punishment and child abuse? And when do authorities take action in this kind of case?
Sadly, some kids experience abuse in the hands of their own relatives. Just like what happened to a 10-year old girl from Tagum City who was rescued by authorities after her grandmother cut off her finger for allegedly stealing a 20-peso bill.
A concerned community leader named Delia Monilla reported the said incident saying that the grandmother (who was a former community treasurer) got furious at her granddaughter,
“The grandmother said she was fed up with the girl for repeatedly stealing money. She said the P20 stolen from her was not the first time the little girl did it, in fact the girl has stolen about P7,000 from her already.”
Monilla added that the child’s mother is an OFW in the Middle East while her father (the son of her guardian) left them for no reason. She also said that as far as she is concerned, the 10-year old girl is not being neglected and that she also has two other siblings. Other neighbours said that the girl indeed stole the said amount most likely to buy something to eat.
Meanwhile Tagum City Police Chief Supt. Laudemer Laude said that they will coordinate with the City Social Welfare Development Office in filing charges against the child’s grandmother.
The child is now under the custody of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Provincial Social Welfare Chief Arlene Semblante said that the child must be traumatized after what happened, she also promised to look after the little girl,
“If she has to be taken away from her grandmother’s custody, we will recommend her to be under the Provincial Women and Children’s Shelter”
So what do you think about this kind of domestic violence on children? Share this story and tag your friends to spread awareness.

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