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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Duterte explains smear on Inquirer, ABS-CBN: Natalo kasi kandidato ninyo

President Rodrigo Duterte is claiming that the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN News are biased against him because they picked the wrong candidate in the 2016 presidential elections.
In a speech before government officials in Malacanang Thursday, Duterte complained about the two news giants adverse headlines and the lack of space given to him for his reactions.
“O ngayon ang headline ng Inquirer, ‘The poor will be killed’. Sila ‘yung nag-una sabi nila ‘yung mga mahihirap namamatay. Then when you respond to a statement, they came up with the headline — putang ina, basura talaga na ‘yan,” said Duterte.
“Even the opinion writer has a higher evaluation of himself, napa-corny naman ninyo putang ina. Ang akala ninyo mas marunong kayo sa mundo. You are publishing garbage and everything. And we tried to answer, we didn’t get the space,” he said.
“Noong election, Inquirer pati ABS-CBN, mukhang pera kayo eh. Talagang mukha ninyo pera. Why? You published a P211 million which were all garbage. If I have that money now and you are all influential to find it out, if even by half of it, I will resign as President. If any of my grandchildren are involved into the slightest corruption, I will step down,” he said.
Duterte traced the bias of Inquire and ABS-CBN to the 2016 election results as he claimed that they were still sore about him pulling an upset over their candidate.
“Itong mga oligarchs pati itong mga elite, mga p***** i** ninyo, sabihin ko sa inyo. You try to… If you lose you… If your candidate loses, you become virulent rin,” said Duterte.
He did not identify the candidate that he was referring to Liberal Party bet Mar Roxas and his police protege, retired Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo.
“Basta gusto lang ninyo ‘yung space — space ni ‘yung kandidato ninyong putang ina ka duwag noon. You think he’d be able to control this shabu? Susmaryosep. When his military aide was the one — was the very first one that I fired for being connected with shabu. Tingnan naman ninyo ‘yung utak nila,” said Duterte.
Duterte said he knew the role played by journalism in a democracy but he believed that the two news giants have crossed the line.
“You know journalism is so… It’s always antagonistic ‘yan eh. That’s their role. Pero huwag ninyong sobrahan ‘yan ‘yung slant. Napakabaho naman ninyo kayong mga Prieto, kayong mga Lopez. You’re full of shit. I’ll tell you,” he said.


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