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Sunday, March 5, 2017

HEARTBREAKING: 11 Year Old Na Babae, Pinatay Ng Sariling Ama

The post of Charles B. Rasonable became viral due to the tragic death of his niece. On his post, he narrated the incident.
Glyza Margarette Rasonable was about to graduate from elementary this coming April 29,2016 in Jeddah, where she was raised by his father, Gerardo Mendoza while Bliss, her mother is working in Canada. She was an inteligent student thus, she is the top 3 of her class.
Weeks from graduation, she was dead. The definite reasons of her death is still unknown.
She was hopitalized because of unknown reason. She was in and out from the hospital for a month that urged her mother to come to Jeddah and take care of her.
Two days before Bliss is scheduled to arrive, Gerardo discharged Glyza against the doctors’ medical advice.
He knew that her daughter will die once she was discharged but he still went through the process.
Upon discharging her, she was then again rushed to the hospital by her father. But, she was already dead.
Hospital records showed that Glyza was dead 2 hours before she was brought to the hospital. She died in their apartment and not in the hospital where his father claimed.
They have suspected that his father repeatedly abused her physically and sexually.
Also, Glyza’s classmates and teachers confessed that before she was first hospitalized she suffered from the hands of her father.
“He should pay for this odious, hateful and heinous crime that he committed against his own daughter. While he enjoys the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, we believe in our hearts he did this to Glyza and we have a strong case against him,” Charles posted on his facebook page.
“I have the right to accuse him not only in the proper forum but wherever we want so people would know the horrific death of my niece. It is his correlative right to establish his innocence in the courts of Saudi Arabia lest he deserves to line up the death row,” it added.
It is believed that he mmurdered’ his daughter to cover up his sins. He doesn’t want Gylza to confessed what she went through.


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