Iba't-ibang rason kung bakit hindi dapat maligo na kasabay ang iyong partner sa shower! You Will Not Believe in #5! - Daily Buzz PH


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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Iba't-ibang rason kung bakit hindi dapat maligo na kasabay ang iyong partner sa shower! You Will Not Believe in #5!

Showering with your significant other: if you’ve never tried it before and you’re thinking about it… THINK AGAIN!

Yes, you guys are in love, you want to explore new things with your partner, but keep it in the bedroom.
You want proof? Fine. Here are 12 reasons why you and your special someone should NOT shower together.
1. Wet and wild shower s*x
While it sounds good on paper, realistically it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Just imagine this: wet bodies, wet tiles, weird positions.
That’s one recipe that would take you straight to the emergency room.
2. Shower time = Solo time
There are a lot of us who LOVE shower time. It’s a personal space haven where you’re bare and unleashed. If you love to think, reflect, and meditate in the shower, imagine trying to do that with another person rubbing you nonstop.
Hint: It’s not going to work.
3. Not all showers are made equal.
Sure, there are showers that are inviting and large. But if you have a shower room that can fit only one person, it’s best to keep it that way.
Again, save yourself a trip to the emergency room.
4. You’re in there to get clean, not dirty.
Apart from some R&R, everyone goes to the shower to clean up. If there’s someone bugging as you clean yourself, you won’t get the job done properly.
5. Have you ever seen shower heads?
Most shower heads can service fit one person at a given time. It’s best that you keep it that way.
6. Shaving gets trickier… and deadlier.
Imagine shaving with someone next to you, super close. The floor is wet and slippery. What if they trip?
7. Your man will definitely want to wash your body.
You might have sparkly smooth boobs and butt cheeks after he’s done focusing on them, but that’s it. Everything else will just be soaked in water.
8. Shower BJ? More Like Waterboarding!
Imagine your knees on a cold, hard, slippery floor as water flows down your face while you hold your breath.
Sounds like torture? That’s because it is.
9. Lifting against shower wall
You think that’s s*xy? Well, think about your trip to the hospital and how you’re going to explain it to the doctor.
10. Water ain’t lube
Not everything wet is a lubricant. Actually, water can clean lubricants out. You think it’s gonna be slippery when wet? THINK AGAIN!
11. Water Preference
Some like it cold, some like it hot, some like it just right. Not everyone is Goldilocks, dear.
12. Passing Gas


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