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Sunday, March 5, 2017

IN VIDEO ►16 Year Old Na Dalaga Walang Awang Binugbog At Sinunog Ng Buhay Ng Mga Tao

It was horrific incident in the 21st century that even in the advancement of technology people are still tight with the saying An eye for an eye and teeth for a teeth. And it was a very shocking occurrence that no one help and have mercy on this teenage girl that was burned alive and cause her to end her life which allegedly accused of killing a taxi driver.

This unbelievable incident happened in Guatemala as the uploader described, the video shows graphically that viewers discretion is advised.The teenager girl 16 years of age was beaten and horrifically burned to end her life in the Central American country Guatemala by the crowd who incriminated her illegally because of kil*ing a Taxi driver.

Based on the video the horrifying attacked that happens in a village has been roaming around the little country of Central America. The enraged crowd punch kicked and bruised her almost all part of her body before pouring a petroleum and set her on fire.

After twisting her body in extreme pain, the poor girl ends the precious life given by the Almighty. And unfortunately that even one in the crowd did not help to the heartbreaking incident even young and adults were only watching him without any helped has been received by her.

The teenage girl was accused of allegedly kil*ing and part of one group of a 68 years old man motorcycle taxi driver according to the 'Tiempo' a Guatemalan News site. The group runs away to escape after the kil*ng of the old man driver according to 'Tiempo' however, the girl was captured and then assaulted by the crowd.

 An authorities spokesperson said that officers attempted to stop them but they were obstructed by the crowd. It is ordinary in Guatemala about lynching which fights with corruption and group-based violence. The Central American Country Guatemala has the world's sixth-highest amount of murd*r in the world. Warning viewers discretion is advised, it contains graphic scene not suitable for young viewers.



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