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Sunday, March 5, 2017

IN VIDEO: Kasindak-sindak ang sinapit ng mga customer sa internet shop na biglang nakapasok ang isang AHAS!

This reptile crawling snakes regularly found in the forest, farm, grassy damp area and remote places where the presence of plants and a damp area where it is cold are their hideouts. But even in the city and towns, in some residential areas where it is wet and damp location like swamps, creeks, and rivers and even in the drainage canals where the temperature is cool. The video went viral that was uploaded by the YouTube Channel Viral Hog and reach for more than 1.3 million views as of this writing. But in some rare instances and it happens somewhere in Wiset Chai Chan District of Thailand, in an internet computer shop unexpectedly frisky snake courageously and forcibly enter into the internet shop by jumping into the door of the shop. The customers inside the internet shop were busy and one customer will depart from the shop and in a quite some time before leaving he stayed in the door. From the outside which was caught by the CCTV camera the frisky snake jump off fast when the customer opens the door and depart from the internet cafe.
The frisky snake goes inside the shop with his might creeping the shop and cause all the customer inside in hysteria.All of the customers were in shocked because it is unexpected that the snake will creep inside the shop and creep on the floor and all the people were alarmed and look for the safety area so that they will not be bitten by the frisky snake.Others are running around and stand on their chair and making them sure that the snake will not bite them and all of them are watching vigilantly where the snake is resting.
Suddenly based on the other camera, a customer was running around with the snake biting his ass and hysterically trying to remove away from his behind. And again all the customers were looking for their safety place by standing on their chair and their eyes were vigilantly watching for the snake attack. This will be a warning to all the people that always vigilant in every place you are departing and entering because even snakes are presently in the urban areas and even in commercial areas like this internet shop. Many netizens shared their reaction and comments on the comment section of the Youtube channel. What is your comments and reactions regarding this incident? Let us know and share with us?


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