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Sunday, March 5, 2017

IN VIDEO: Kasuklam-suklam na mga detalye na ipinakita sa pagsali ng New People's Army!

If you’re a Filipino residing in the 
Philippines then you surely must have heard of the New People’s Army a.k.a. NPA. This armed group of the Communist Partyof the Philippines (CPP) is a revolutionary army who wanted to free the country from the so-called three basic problems of the country, imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.  

In case you are one of the few people who aren’t aware of their existence, the NPA is a guerilla group who has remained a strong presence in the countryside. The NPA, which was formed in 1969, is only an arm among the many underground organizations led by the CPP. 

From 72 members since 1969, the communist group eventually grew to 26,000during their peak in the 1980s

A video recently went viral on Facebook showing the younger female members of the revolutionist group inviting others to join them. In the video, the young newly recruited females are shown proudly holding their guns as they each proclaim that they are indeed members of the NPA.

However young and hip the video is, there is still another side of the story which people are more familiar with. 

The video presents a compilation of alleged 'atrocities' committed by the group. 

One incident which was reported in the news shows how the group burned an entire truck meant to deliver bananas. The people operating the vehicle were unharmed. 

These ambushes are often part of the harassment efforts done by the NPA to frustrate local businessmen who might have abused their workers or destroyed the environment. 

Unfortunately, some allege that members of the NPA suffer once they are in.

One female student who decided to join the group was apparently murdered by one of the members because she suddenly wanted to leave and go back to her normal life. 

A former member also confirmed that this is indeed happening within the NPAcircle. 

Nonetheless, these kinds of stories often come as part of propaganda efforts done by the military, so there is no way to verify whether these are true.



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