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Sunday, March 5, 2017

IN VIDEO: Sobrang pikon si Julia Barretto nina Joshua Garcia At Maris Racal! Alamin!

The Kapamilya young actress, the daughter of comedian actor Dennis Padilla rise to fame and her love team Joshua Garcia are one of the famous love team of the Kapamilya Television Network and the Showbiz industry as well. Based on their TV guesting and movies this love team had caught the attention and hearts of the people and garnered many fans and supporters and expecting that their love team is not only on camera but their relationship will push through even off the camera. The fans and supporters of this famous love team are expecting that someday their love team is not only on the camera but it will be in reality as well. It is not hidden to everybody the closeness and intimate togetherness with each other.
There are many speculations that on-screen love team will turn to reality. And even it is not yet concluded and confirmed their supporters and fans are expecting to happen in the near future. On the other hand upon watching this video will give you a hint regarding their relationship off camera. This video makes many rounds in the internet and social media that captures the attention of many netizens and perceived that they have a relationship off camera because of the comedian's daughter reaction during some interview of ex-PBB housemate Maris Racal which is sitting beside Joshua Garcia.
And from the popular sayings action speaks louder than voice. Is it the reactions of Juia Baretto in this video express that they have an off-camera relationship. Because from the video it seems that the reaction of Julia Barretto got jealous over her love team partner Joshua Garcia. But it is not yet confirmed that her reaction over Joshua Garcia and Maris Racal is jealousy. But how about you? What can you say about Julia's reaction in this video? Is it a jealousy or what goes in your mind?Kindly share your reaction and comments.


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