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Sunday, March 5, 2017

IN VIDEO:Kinain at isinawsaw ang maliit na daga na buhay!

The world is a huge place, every country and every race has their own different kinds of delicacies to try on, including the disgusting ones. Speaking of disgusting, do you know that there’s a dish in Guangdong, China that perfectly define that word?

That revolting dish is called “Three Squeaks” and guess what the main ingredients are? Newborn mice!
Three Squeaks mice 1
This bizarre cuisine is mostly being served and eaten in restaurants in south China.
Three Squeaks mice 2
Three Squeaks derived its name from the sounds made when eating the mice.
“The first squeak is when the mouse is picked up with the chopsticks. The second is when the mouse is dipped into the sauce. The third is when the mouse is placed into your mouth.” sounds gross!
Below is a disgusting footage showing pink baby mice, still bold and blind wriggling while being served in a plate partnered with a dipping sauce.
Well if you think the Three Squeaks is just some sort of joke, you’re dead wrong. In fact, this delicacy (if that’s what we can call it) is becoming quite popular in China, particularly in Guangdong province. One man even uploaded online a nauseating video of him while eating baby mice.
The clip shows the man taking one mice and plunging it in a sauce…
Three Squeaks mice a
Then puts it in his mouth and chews it!
Three Squeaks mice b
The stomach-churning video has gained more than 7.4 million views after being posted in Chinese video network Miaopai.


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