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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Isang family driver nakapagbuntis ng isang kasambahay na OFW at parehong arestado!

One of the disadvantages of working in another country is leaving your family.

In some cases, OFWs tend to get into illegal relationships or affairs with their employers or the people they work with.

Such was the case that happened to a Filipina domestic helper in Kuwait, Middle East. 

Arab Times Online reported that on April 18, a Filipina domestic helper and an Indian driver was arrested by the authorities on charges of adultery.
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Apart from this, it was found out that the domestic helper was four months pregnant. She was impregnated by the driver whom she got into a relationship with. Both of them were working for the same sponsor.

The report cited that the Filipina complained of stomach pains before her sponsor eventually brought her to a hospital.

The Filipina eventually admitted to her sponsor that she was in a relationship with his driver and that they have been having s*xual intercourse together.

It was reported by Kuwait Times that lots of OFWs living there have committed adultery, either with foreigners or fellow Filipinos.

It stated, “Extramarital relationships may be illegal but they are common for many long-term expatriates - both male and female - who live here without their families.”

“The growth in the numbers of OFWs has also led to growth in infidelity rates amongst Pinoy men and women,” the report continued.

Shocking! Do you have any other relatives or family members working abroad? Do you know anyone who has been involved in such a relationship?


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