KUHA SA CCTV ang isang batang nasagip ng isang anghel sa ospital! Ang kanyang Ina Itinuturing ito bilang isang Himala - Daily Buzz PH


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Sunday, March 5, 2017

KUHA SA CCTV ang isang batang nasagip ng isang anghel sa ospital! Ang kanyang Ina Itinuturing ito bilang isang Himala

Many people nowadays are looking for something different a miracle from above, by God, angel or some supernatural beings. Even in the advancement of technologies, many people in hospitals has already loosing hope for the treatment of their sicknesses and this family is hopeless and waiting only for the time that the life of their daughter to taken by the Almighty God. But there is something miracle happens that changed their vision in life regarding their youngest daughter. The family of Chelsea Banton was very hopeless and waiting only that the Almighty God will take the life and gives out their hope that she will be healed from the sickness she suffers. Chelsea Banton was 14 years old at the time and suffering from severe pneumonia that makes her life in a 50/50 condition. She was born premature and with a developmental disability. From the start of her life, she was always in and out of the hospital because of her pneumonia.
The mother Colleen Banton is already hopeless and decided to let be rest in peace by removing the life support of her daughter because for almost seven long weeks of waiting for the recovery of Chelsea.The mother of Chelsea told,
"And I really felt like I had her 14 years, and if it's time for her to go to heaven, then I know she'll be healed."
But unexpectedly the Almighty God saw their fervent prayers and miracle happened to her daughter Chelsea. Based on the CCTV footage it is concluded that the Angel was presently in Chelsea's room's door after an hour of removing her life support system and believed that the angel had taking care, saved and healed and the doctors and nurses were all amazed of the miraculous healing of the teenage daughter. She was surprised when she saw the CCTV footage
" there was this bright light..Oh, my goodness! It looks like an Angel!".
Expressing her surprise and happiness that her child and was healed from her pneumonia. And the surprised mother immediately took photo of the CCTV footage with her smartphone with the bright light in the door of the room of Chelsea and gives credit to the presumed Angel and all the family members believes that Chelsea was healed and recovered because of this supernatural being and it was a blessing and miracle for the teenage daughter. They have celebrated the 15th birthday of the miraculously healed daughter Chelsea on Christmas Day. What you can say about this miracle concluded by the family of Chelsea. Have you believed that it was really a miracle? Kindly share your ideas and opinions about this CCTV footage.

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