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Sunday, March 5, 2017

LOOK: Proof of texts between Trillanes and source he paid to witness against Duterte

As the Liberal Party (LP) is strategizing ways to come up with hardcore evidence against President Rodrigo Duterte in the International Criminal Court (ICC), a netizen posts proof of bribery and lies from the LP camp.
Netizen Edith Caduaya posted images of the text messages exchanged between Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and a certain Mina whom he paid to be a witness against Duterte.
Trillanes’ camp is seeking ways to strengthen evidence that links Duterte to the illegal drug trade, however, Caduaya’s post shows that they have gone as far as twisting and falsifying Mina’s accounts in order to build their case.
Mina agreed to be a witness for the case against Duterte that was filed by LP in the ICC, however when the affidavit was issued and Mina had to sign it, she realized that there were false statements.
In her text message to Trillanes, Mina said about the affidavit “grabe nmn kc n panginsulto sir may mga salita png bka bumaliktad ako.”
In Caduaya’s post, she narrated Mina to have said that the document the LP prepared was “full of lies” and that Mina was troubled by her conscience over it.
In Caduaya’s full post on Facebook, she said,
The exchange of text messages between Sen. Trillanes and Mina.
MINA says the “FR” Being referred to in the conversation is Fr. BERT ALEJO OR PARING BERT ALEJO S.J of the Ateneo de Davao University
Mina was paid to be the witness in a case which the Liberal party is building against Duterte before the International Criminal Court (ICC), but when the affidavit was prepared she refused to sign it as she described the document “FULL OF LIES, Nakonsensya KO.”
Paring Bert used to have an advocacy themed “EHEMM”.
But when Junior Ortiz Digamon of Bridaga news called up to get his side of the story using the mobile number given by Mina. Paring Bert told Jun Digamon he will not asnwer yet as he waits Mina to surface.
EHEMMM! Naunsa na man ni.?”


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