Napakaswerteng lalaki nakapag asawa ng magandang babae and Netizens Praised Her Of Being Proud Of Her Family! - Daily Buzz PH


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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Napakaswerteng lalaki nakapag asawa ng magandang babae and Netizens Praised Her Of Being Proud Of Her Family!

The love for opposite sex has no boundaries, not with color or race and even with physical appearance. Others are teasing when a young ordinary man met and build a family with a young pretty girl. And love can surpass the physical appearance and win over the good character and behavior of the man. This amazing love story that builds a small but strong family happened in the country of Cambodia that makes their couples photo makes many rounds in the internet and social media. Nowadays that people have some standard that they are relying on the physical appearance and when a pretty girl will fell in love with an ordinary man is unbelievable to happen. But the impossible thing will happen if the standard of loving one person is outside the beauty and physical appearance of your partner. This proves to the popular saying that love is blind that not seeing even the color and race of the couple.
Based on the standard nowadays of the white skin woman that will marry a dark skin man is probably a very lucky to have a very beautiful white girl. The proud pretty wife Lucy LuvElla posted their family photo with her husband with a dark skin and with their child and with her with fair white glowing skin shows and expressed that love and relationship win over colors and beauty of the human eyes. Her husband is very lucky based on the comments of some other netizens and the pretty girl Lucy is very proud of her family. The post garnered 21 k reactions, more than 12k shares and 2.4 k comments of the netizens.
And because this photo went viral many netizens expressed their opinions and sentiments regarding the photo. Some netizen lauded the pretty girl because she is very proud of her family and proves only that love is beyond the beauty and appearance. And some other are inspired and sees hope that someday they will have the same story with the lucky guy to marry a pretty looking girl that with a vision not depending on the appearance of her partner. This photo serves as an inspiration for many men that are hopeless to have a pretty loving wife. So for the man out there, that seems hopeless, you have hope to have a lifetime partner that will not base on your appearance but in your heart and character.What is your idea and opinion about this amazing love story of different color and race? Share it with us and let us know your ideas.


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