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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pinay OFW namatay dahil sa sobrang pagtatrabaho

Overseas Filipino Workers abroad has faced several struggles in their job and the most tragic of it was to be lifeless to return back to the mother country. Another sad story of an OFW was added to book when a Pinay Domestic helper in HongKong allegedly depart from this world because of over fatigue and exhaustion. Presently her family wants to confirm the reason of her passing away by waiting for the autopsy. The Pinay OFW victim was identified as Leonita Quinto, 46 years old, came from Sagay City, Negros Occidental.
She passed away last April 4, 2017, at the Princess Margaret Hospital in HongKong. The family is waiting for the arrival of the body remains of the said Pinay OFW.Quinto which was previously worked as Domestic Helper in Bahrain and Singapore and she was only four months working in HongKong when the incident happen.
The reason for her de*th according to her sister Imelda, that she experienced a severe headache and that's the reason why she complains with her employer. Her employer permitted to rest to recover from the sickness. But the next day and the headache was not yet gone she was pressured to back to her work and cook the breakfast even she was suffering from a severe headache. Because of she was not feeling well after cooking, she rests because of a severe headache she suffered to recover.
But unexpectedly at the hour of 12 noon her employer inspect her condition and found out that she was unconscious.The Pinay Domestic helper immediately hurried to the hospital, but unfortunately, the doctor proclaims her lifeless. But before this tragic incident happens, Quinto is pleading her employer to take a break in her job, explaining that she was severely tired and over fatigue, but her request is not granted. However, the family has nothing to do with the incident but to wait for the autopsy to know the real cause of her de*th.


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