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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Posibleng Kasali Ang LP sa Pagkamatay ng Diver Sa Rescue Operation sa Plane Crash ni Jessie Robredo

Questions and doubts rise after the Naga Leaks expose that detailed the late Jesse Robredo’s image beyond being a hero.

In We Are Collective’s (WAC) Facebook page, they linked to an article by Philippine Star dated August 17, 2013 where it headlined about “an American diver who helped in the search and retrieval operations” of the plane crash of Robredo named Matthew Caldwell.
Caldwell is a US resident who lived in Hamilton Heights, Brgy. Talon 5. It was his 59th birthday when he was killed by a shot in the face done by the subdivision’s security guard.
WAC suspects that it was the Liberal Party might have something to do with the death of Caldwell since they made efforts to wipe out any information pertaining to Robredo’s death, such as the black bag of drug money and journal.

The security guard that shot Caldwell and Caldwell himself previously had a heated argument over Cladwell’s entry to Hamilton Heights because the diver had not paid his dues. It eventually compelled the security guard, identified as Ericson Mendoza Blacquio, to shoot Caldwell.
The security guard, along with his accomplice, fled the scene in a motorcycle soon after.
WAC alleges that the death of the diver may have had something to do with LP trying to silence any witness to the actual crash site of Robredo.
In their full post on Facebook, WAC said,
Eto last na pahabol, noche buena na namin dito pero gigil parin kami hindi namin mapagpabukas. Baka iniisip nyo panay imbento lang kami at conspiracy theory. We’ll let you do your own background check and research to validate kung totoo nga yung mga sinabi namin.
Meron talagang conspiracy surrounding Jesse Robredo’s death. But it had nothing to do with Jesse being a hero. It had more to do with Jesse being a crook – together with Mar, PNoy and his other accomplices. Remember we told you that LP did a cleanup operation to prevent the shit from hitting the fan? They sustained that till all the living witnesses were effectively silenced. Read this:
Perhaps they made it look like an innocent, unrelated crime, but don’t you find it strange that the American diver who found Robredo’s corpse under the sea gets killed a year later? Maybe he found other things under the plane that could compromise them (like the alleged bag of cash or a journal for instance).
Anyway the truth will stay buried under the sea along with the doomed plane. Not unless we shed new light on the issue and make people understand the real score behind the incident.
Again Merry Christmas!”


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