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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino may ibinulgar kay James Yap’s Girlfriend, Michela Cazzola!

It was on 2010 when the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, declared that she’s “giving up” on her marriage with then-husband James Yap.

According to GMA News Online, the couple has been trying to fix their marriage even before that.
In her interview with the now-defunct talk show ‘The Buzz,’ Kris revealed, “With finality I can say, ako sumuko na (I have given up).”
She continued, “(Whatever the reason) why this marriage, on my part I’m saying, is over. The only person I will owe an explanation to, and the only person who can demand from me (why we separated), is my son.”
Kris has Bimby for her son with James.
In 2012, two years after Kris appeared on ‘The Buzz,’ it was revealed that James was dating Michela Cazzola.
ABS-CBN News reported that they first met through a friend in 2011. Michela even noted that her own family instantly became fond of James when they met him.
However, no other comment was heard from Kris’ side.
Fast forward to 2016, and GMA News Online gathered that Kris, together with her son Bimby, was able to meet Michela for the first time.
According to her, “Mic went out of her way to prepare carbonara for Bimb & to bake an Italian chocolate pie for our merienda.”
It seemed as if the two have maintained their friendships up to now. Philippine Entertainment Portal revealed that Kris continues to talk to Michela in a cordial manner.
Queen of All Media Kris Aquino Reveals Something About James Yap’s Girlfriend, Michela Cazzola! FIND OUT HERE!
According to her, “We are good friends with Mic. We like her. It’s only Mic who reaches out. Like, every other week, she’ll text and all.”
She continued, “I reply. Then I give it to Bimb and they say hello to each other.”
Kris also mentioned that Bimby is in fact, elated to meet his half-brother, Michela’s son with James. She said, “It has really changed. Because Mic is so nice and so proper. The boys adore her!”
Do you feel happy for Kris’ relationship with Michela? Talk about being friendly, right? Do you think you’ll also be able to develop such a friendship with the new lover of your ex-husband if it happens?


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