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Sunday, March 5, 2017

SHOCKING! McDonald’s Opened a Branch Near Jollibee And Look What The Crew Did!

There are lots of fast food choices and joints in the Philippines but only two of the biggest fast food chains are considered by their customers as rivals in terms of food and the price of value meals as offered by these establishments

It is none other than the American-helmed McDonald’s and the purely Pinoy Jollibee

It was in 1978 when Tony Tan Caktiong and his siblings decided to open a hot dog store instead of ice cream in Cubao

They saw an opportunity to sell hot dogs because they discovered that people liked it more, so they shifted their focus. 

McDonald’s, meanwhile, was brought to the country by George Tan in 1981. He opened the first branch in Morayta, Manila and since then, have opened more branches nationwide. 

The fast food establishment was actually founded by Ray Kroc in America in 1955 when it was still a small burger joint owned by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. He opened the first branch in Illinois and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jollibee focused more on satisfying the Filipino customers with their Pinoy-based recipes and flavors, like the sweet-style spaghetti. 

McDonald’s, on the other hand, aimed to bring the American kind of taste into the Philippine market. They introduced the Filipinos to the Big Mac, while Jollibee brought Chickenjoy to the table. 

In a picture uploaded to Facebook by user Bart Ayate, he showed just how extreme the rivalry between the two food chains was, even the Jollibee mascots joined in the spectacle.

McDonald’s Opened a Branch Near Jollibee and What the Jollibee Crew Did to them Was Savage!

According to him, McDonald’s opened a branch in Talipapa, Novaliches. Apparently, the Jollibee crew gathered their mascots and showed them who truly ruled the market.  

What do you think? Are you rooting for McDonald’s or Jollibee? Tell us your comments below!

Source: TNP, Facebook


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