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Sunday, March 5, 2017

WATCH: Billy Crawford Nakipag-away sa Contestant

It was a segment in the popular noontime show of ABS-CBN I am Pogay this incident happens. It is normally that after the contestant finished their talent performance the co host the It's Showtime interviews and ask some questions to them. Vice Ganda start the question, asking her present love life normally ask by any co-host in the contest.Vice Ganda then ask this question to the contestant of I am Pogay
" May Girlfriend ka na ba? "
The contestant answered the Unkabogable star Vice Ganda with this word
 " Yes po, yung tomboy na tomboy po yung naka boy cut at lalaki manamit." 
The contestant answered Vice Ganda describing her present girlfriend proudly. These circumstances that the patience of Billy Crawford was tested and by the proud response of the contestant he interferes the interview of Vice Ganda and he started to ask questions to the contestant. 

This is his question
 " Saan na siya ngayon?". 
 Asking the present location of the contestant's girlfriend. The studio contestant immediately responded to Billy Crawford but it is unclear to the co-host. immediately the contestant perceives that her answer to the question was nonsense and indefinite. And the answer of the contestant was exactly expected by Billy Crawford. 

The scenario becomes changed because of the nonsense answer of the contestant and to make the scene to be funny and comical the co-host to show expression of disappointments and pretending to start a big fight against the contestant. The events became hilarious and too add fun the Unkabogable star tries to stop the crazy reaction of Billy Crawford that results everybody to burst into laughter. Kindly watch this funny acts video below that makes the crowds burst into laughter.

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