WATCH: Pinagbilin ang kanilang anak sa kanyang asawa ng ilang oras pero nang makita sa camera,Shocked Her! - Daily Buzz PH


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Sunday, March 5, 2017

WATCH: Pinagbilin ang kanilang anak sa kanyang asawa ng ilang oras pero nang makita sa camera,Shocked Her!

Guardians have an extremely solid bond with their kid particularly amid early stages. Ladies are the ones most regularly known to be nearer with their child since they need to recover after birth while the spouse is typically the one out to go to work. There are times however when men are left at home while the spouse is away. In these uncommon cases, nobody knows for beyond any doubt what the father and youngster does or how a father would deal with his posterity.

Luckily, Youtube user EmioCreated made a video of himself with his toddler while his wife was away. He did this in order to show his wife, as well as his YouTube followers, what goes on within a day in the life of a dad with his baby.
At first, his caption reads “A comprehensive report on the happenings of father and son while mama is away for the afternoon . time lapsed. I started shooting this video after his nap, and before bath/dinner/bedtime (btw the whole thing was about 4 hours, that old clock of my wife’s hasn’t had a new battery in years (and actually that’s my fault) and if i would have known folks beside my wife would see this and would be clock watching i definitely would have put a new battery in.”
He caught several videos of them throughout the day such as during playtime. He says “I made this video exclusively for my wife – the reason I made this video was because when my wife and I moved to Kansas City (for her new job) I found myself at home with our boy during the day a lot (i work for myself so i could make my own hours) I would tell her how much of a disaster the house would be, and how much fun we had – but she’s one of those ladies that need to see things to believe them.”
“So in a effort to show her the types of things me and our boy were doing during the day I set the camera up. And when my wife saw it, she loved it…. and posted it to fb. and That was the beginning,” he added.
After several hours of playtime, it’s finally time for lunch. You can see this awesome father watching his son carefully as he eats his meal.
After lunch, more playing ensues as they both enjoy a beating on a drum they found inside their house.
Finally, after all the activities they’ve done, which mostly consisted of playing, eating, and more playing, it’s finally time for a diaper change.
At the end of the video, he made a sign which reads “WE LOVE YOU MAMMA. (You are our everything).”


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