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Sunday, March 5, 2017

A 34-Year-Old Mother Delivers 5 Healthy Babies In Single Pregnancy! Watch Here!

It was a certified motherhood to have a baby. And even twins will be a fortune to a family and considered to be a lucky charm. but how about if it si more than two and it reaches to five healthy babies that will be delivered by a mother in a single day delivery. This may be crazy and not possible but this really occurs at the University of Utah hospital in Salt Lake City. A Mexican Mother, 34 years of age identified as Guillermina Garcia welcomed five strong and active babies as she conceived a set of quintuplets infants for 32 weeks. The pregnancy period is seven weeks lesser than the single-birth pregnancy while it is 3 weeks higher than normal quintuplets pregnancies. Her doctors stated the longer period is beneficial to the babies to develop their lungs.The 34 years old Mexican mother Guillermina was the first mother to deliver a set of five babies in the university Hospital.
Several doctors and nurses helped to give birth to her 3 girls and 2 boys. There are total 8 doctors and 12 nurses that assist her and take care of her amazing single delivery of 5 babies.It was a lucky day for them because the quintuplets are very strong and healthy. USA Today reported that Guillermina and her husband Fernando consume a fertility medicines to improve the possibility of having multiple births. When they discovered that Guillermina would be conceiving 5 babies, she remains in the hospital starting in the month of April.
The entire five babies were born through cesarean section and they were healthy and strong.The five babies names are Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando, and Jonathan. Beside from these set of quintuplets they have the 1-year-old child.The brave mother Guillermina was appreciated by the hospital employee that have the courage and capabilities of having many children without any complaint from her. The Utah Doula Association help them to open a bank account for the couple and their children so that the people can help them through donation for their financial needs.Eventually bringing up the 5 children at the same time is an absolutely very tough job for the parent. See the whole video below and share your opinion how they bringing up these 6 children at the same time. Share with us your ideas and advice.


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