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Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Boyfriend Cheated By His Girlfriend Made A Revenged By Throwing Acid On Her Face! Here's What Happen?

To become faithful in a relationship is a very great responsibility between partners.And if you have a partner that has a long time relationship and had dated for more than six years and after some time you have found out that she was cheating on you? What will you do? And what will be your action against her? On this modern day and advancement of technology and was observed that the majority of the relationship didn't last any longer because some partners are not faithful when the tie comes that they discovered a guy or a girl better than their partner? Another story of revenge against the cheater will be featured in this article and we can learn a lesson from it. A certain guy named Lamaji fell in love with a certain girl Citra Rey, a 24 years old Indonesian girl.For the last six years, their love and relationship were happy and romantic when the guy observed that her partner was getting distant with him.

Because of this situation, he perceives that her girlfriend had done something wrong regarding their relationship. Upon his scrutinizing and the time comes at one early morning that her perception was true and caught her girlfriend together with another guy older than him, a 44 years old inside a white honda car! The stalking of Lamaji was finished. The girlfriend gets off the car to discuss with her boyfriend. But shocking to the girlfriend, Lamaji cannot control his emotion and immediately threw a Hydrochloric acid in the face of Citra.

After the doing the revenge, he immediately gets out of the area and leaving his girlfriend screaming from the severe pain brought by the acid. The suspect was arrested at his cousin's home where he is hiding after the incident.The girl was in the hospital and undergo treatment for the injuries she receives from the revenge of her partner. This will be a lesson to everyone that every action taken by a human has karma. As the saying goes, what you sow is what you reap.

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